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More accuracy, faster results, less resources


Cyber Security

protect & respond to digital threats



streamline your document review


Managed Services

do more with less



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Forensic Investigation

Collect & preserve with our forensic experts. From a USB to forensic investigation of hard drives, data recovery & social media interrogation, have confidence in your evidence.

Data Processing

Complex digital information is processed with advanced technology, so you can gain insight into key facts, cull duplicates & prepare for review whilst mitigating risk & reducing costs.


Empower your team to review accurately, efficiently & quickly by harnessing ground-breaking technology such as analytics & artificial intelligence.


Improve the efficiency of any legal proceeding by using bespoke ecourt solutions to manage & present evidence.

Managed Services

Increase your productivity, mitigate your risk & reduce your costs by outsourcing your legal technology needs. From case hosting & document review technology – to total project management, our leading review platform & technical experts can provide as much or as little support as you need.

Cyber Security

Protect your information & avoid disruption & loss of productivity from cyber attacks. Our forensic advisory team can help you investigate cyber attacks, manage incident response & protect your critical information.

A consultative approach

The volume and complexity of evidence is rapidly increasing as businesses rely more on technology.

icourts helps their clients respond to their litigation, regulatory and investigation needs with flexibility, competence, and technical expertise.

icourts is a law firm and a data and evidence management consultancy covering the full breadth of the electronic discovery process. We work in a range of settings – as external advisors to agencies, corporations, law firms and embedded with clients deploying a consultative approach to formulating and delivering solutions that are proven, tested and defensible.

We have ISO 27001 ‘Information Security Management’ accreditation so you can be confident your data is safe with us. We also pride ourselves on providing the very best service to our clients & continual improvement which is why we also have ISO 9001 ‘Quality Management’ accreditation.

We combine the calibre of experience to deliver complex undertakings with design thinking & a solution focus. 

We help our clients to harness the power of technology to succeed in real-world situations.

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