Data Processing

Before processing 

Electronically stored information can be complex & very messy.

Every digital document has corresponding information (metadata) & every move we make through the digital landscape, from logging in to browsing the internet leaves a digital footprint.

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After processing

Organise & prioritise to quickly gain case insights & prepare for document review.

Our technical experts use the best processing software in the industry so that you can defensibly cull irrelevant documents, group similar documents & identify highly relevant documents.

With deep technical experience, our team of experts can help you to understand your evidence faster so you can assess risk, estimate costs & develop your case strategy.

By leveraging Relativity the leading ediscovery technology, our team can provide you with an early case assessment by using powerful analytics tools so that you quickly understand:


Categorise file formats, volume & date ranges.


Identify the relevant players in your matter.


Assess the search terms relevant to the evidence.


Detect & analyse the important concepts to the case.

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