Too many documents - not enough time

Relativity, ediscovery, legal technology, ecourts
The problem

Very small team & highly cost sensitive client

The first round of discovery produced around 3000 documents. The client was new to ediscovery & opted for a linear review. After a grueling couple of weeks – working 18-hour days, feeling incredibly tired, stressed & painfully aware of the possibility of making mistakes – the client decided there must be a better way to do ediscovery.

When round 2 of discovery produced 13,000 documents, our client knew it was time to harness our expertise & the power of technology.

Our solution

Significantly cull the reviewable document set & streamline the process


Our legal technology expert used Relativity’s powerful analytics features.

13,000 documents in total – 11,000 emails & their attachments; 2000 standalone documents


Of the 13,000 documents – 11,000 were emails & their attachments. Using Relativity’s email threading feature, we culled unnecessary duplicate items, such as forwards, ccs & replies – leaving approximately 3500 emails/attachments.

The 3500 documents were further reduced to 2,757 after client communication emails were excluded on the basis of privilege.


The remaining standalone documents were subject to a textual near duplicate review – enabling textually similar documents to be batched out together for efficient review.

Relativity, ediscovery, legal technology, ecourts
Relativity, ediscovery, legal technology, ecourts
The reward

Happy client - happy lawyer

Our client harnessed the power of technology & our team’s expertise to reduce the reviewable document set by 37% & speed up the efficiency & time of the review.

After using our expertise, the associate met their deadlines, kept costs for the client down & mitigated the risk of human error. The associate’s client was delighted with the service & the lawyer was satisfied with a job well done.

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